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Christophe Bénaroya, graduated from Toulouse Business School, PhD in Management Science, is Professor of Marketing, after several years in the corporate field. He is in charge of the Marketing Management and Communication Paster, and the B2B Programme. Consultant for several indusrial companies, he is notably the co-author with Philippe Malaval of Aerospace Marketing Management and BtoB Brands, and the co-author of Sales Efficiency in BtoB.

B to B branding

Creating synergies in the value chain

Christophe Bénaroya, Philippe Malaval
1re édition | 2014 | 208 pages | 9782804184636

The main goals of this book is to provide companies, schools and universities support to better promote their brands. The challenge for organizations is to win the "battle for visibility" in order to put an end to their anonymity status.

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Business to business marketing

From industrial to business marketing

Christophe Bénaroya, Philippe Malaval
1re édition | 2013 | 520 pages | 9782804182670

Reference handbook in terms of interorganisational marketing, written by experts from the field, this book is adapting the marketing fundamentals to diverse BtoB contexts.

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