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Keith Mills was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England and attended Barnsley Grammar School, going on to study for BSc, MSc and PhD (1971 ; with John Joule) degrees at the University of Manchester.Following post-doctoral periods at Columbia (Gilbert Stork) and Imperial College (Derek Barton/Philip Magnus), he joined Allen and Hanburys (part of the Glaxo Group) at Ware and later Stevenage (finally as part of GSK), working in Medicinal Chemistry and Development Chemistry departments for a total of 25 years. During this time he spent a secondment at Glaxo, Verona. Since leaving GSK he has been an independant consultant to small pharmaceutical companies.Dr Mills has worked in several areas of medicine and many areas of organic chemistry, but with particular emphasis on heterocyclic chemistry and the applications of transition metal-catalysed reactions.